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Mavro.Wiki - encyclopedia about crypto currency MAVRO (MVR)
Mavro (MVR) is a real open-source crypto currency, built on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Crypto currency has wallets for WINDOWS, iOS, as well as WEB Purses.

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The peculiarity of this currency is that if you keep the coins of Mavro (MVR) in your Web-purse (LC), then the number of coins increases. The growth rate varies from 20 to 50 percent per month. Interest calculation Mavro (MVR) occurs every day. You can see this in your personal account. And the most interesting is that MAVRO has a referral system. A full 14 levels in depth, which will allow you to earn very well at inviting investors and build a good referral network. Registration in

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Your interest on the deposit and rewards for attracting referrals you can get instantly automatically in your wallet BitCoin, ADVCASH, Perfect Money, in the blockchain wallet Mavro.

There is an internal p2p Exchange, built in the LC, where you can exchange the currency of Mavro for the monetary rewards of any banks with a minimum commission (aspiring or equal to 0%).

The system has been functioning since December 2016 and numerous reviews of the direct participants of the project serve as confirmation of the successful operation of the system.

Yobit exchange

The Mavro Crypto currency has already been added to external exchanges.

At the moment, trading is already underway.

This is just the beginning ...